Jim Faris - Registered Piano Technician

(206)417-6303 - Office/Shop
(206)200-5531 - Mobile


What to Expect

Jim Faris Piano Tuner
When you contact me for an appointment we will schedule one that is convenient for you. You will know the day and time of my arrival, barring any unforeseen problems. Generally, I am available Mondays through Fridays with one morning slot and two in the afternoon. In the case of working schedules, I also have a limited number of evenings available. Please do not schedule a tuning appointment during construction or maintenance activities. I tune aurally and cannot do my job while power tools are being used.

If this is my first visit, I will ask that you be there when I arrive. I will be at the piano for two hours. Feel free to come and go during that time, but I would ask that we touch base before I leave, especially if this is my first visit.

I will attempt to contact you the day before our appointment to confirm. That might be a good time to remove everything from your piano so that I can get right to work when I arrive. Upon completion, I will advise you as to when your piano should be tuned again and will offer to call you at that time to schedule an appointment; completely optional, but highly recommended.

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