Charlene Tymony

During the course of my business, I meet people with all kinds of interests. My hope was that, through the medium of this blog, I might be able to introduce some of these interesting folks to you, my blog reader.
So, please allow me to introduce you to Charlene Tymony.
As you can see from the accompanying photos, not only is she interested in the art of music, she is also an accomplished glass artist.
Charlene tells me that she began working with stained glass, but found reflecting glass much more to her liking and she has turned her home into a gallery of here work.

At the time of my last visit, she was working on this piece, a representation of the skyline of the city of Bellevue and its reflection on Lake Washington, which she views from here front window.

Its always fun to spend a few hours tuning Charlene’s piano, seeing her latest creations and curing my Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Stay tuned,

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